Thursday, February 11, 2010


Status: In-Progress
Deadline: San Diego Comic-Con 2010
Time: A Couple Days

Scout (in this case, BLU) is from a game called Team Fortress 2. He comes in two colors for two different teams: RED (Reliable Excavation & Demolition) and BLU (Builders League United). He's a Yank and a baseball enthusiast from Boston.

I have chosen to create BLU Scout because, for whatever reason, I dislike him in his red colors.

Most of these pieces were found in the secondhand store, and a couple (the bat and baseball) were purchased at a sporting goods store near me.

Debuting this costume at AnimeConji wasn't my original intent, though it ended up working out because there was a VALVe gathering there. The costume itself wasn't completely finished (as I was missing the backpack and the headpiece) but it was fun all the same.

We also had a lot of fun at Anaheim Comic-Con the weekend after. There was no actual Team Fortress 2 gathering, but we ran into a pretty big group anyway. These ones didn't really seem so terribly friendly, unfortunately, and I personally had more fun with the TF2 group from AnimeConji.

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