Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Green Tunic Link

Status: Retired
Debuted: Comic-Con 2003
Time: 2 weeks

Link from Legend of Zelda is my favorite game character, so it's obvious that I would very soon create a Link costume of my own. This costume came across as a basic idea at first, just something that I wanted to create for the hell of it. I believe this costume was debuted in 2003, but it could have very well been debuted Halloween of 2002. Link is a wonderful character, and he's quite sexy, if I do say so myself.

Wearing it to Ani-Magic 2004, we had a blast with a small gathering there of Zelda cosplayers, as well as having a bit of fun in their pool. I had actually managed to get a few other people to go into the pool with me, so we had a "photoshoot", if you would, in their pool. It was a load of fun, and also gave my friend and I ideas, which gave way into my Blue Tunic Link the following year.

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