Monday, June 30, 2008


Status: Completed
Debuted: Gathering 2003
Time: 1 Month

A Cosplay originally designed for a friend, Inu-Yasha was quite fun to make up. The costume itself was made out of a strange silk-like material, which was a VERY poor choce on my part, since almost every picture I took of this costume, the flash just bounced off of it and threw it back at me. The wig, which, like always, goes down to the small of her back, cost about $60, and was WAY more expensive then the rest of the costume, but since she was paying for all the materials, she could, essentially, buy what she wanted.

She had super-glued plastic nails to her fingers, which we then sharpened to a point. Her ears are made out of a furry material and came out looking quite fantastic. The entire costume looked really good and went along with my Kagome cosplay that I had made.

When I bought this costume back from her (for about 80% less than what we paid to make it) it had become too small for me. Ths costume is still in very good condition and it all still functions and works properly, but, sadly, I'm too small for it. When I bought it from her, all I got was the top and pants. She didn't know where the ears had run off to, and she needed the wig for other costumes, so she kept that.

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