Friday, June 27, 2008

Future Trunks Briefs

Status: Retired
Debuted: Ani-Magic 2005
Time: August 2005 - September 2005

Mirai no Trunks is a costume that I found to be quite enjoyable. All of the pieces were bought and were used as-is for the most part. The only piece that was modified was the jacket; it used to be a long jacket, but I had to cut it for this one (I still wear it just as a normal jacket sometimes x3). The sword came from eBay and actually cost more then the costume itself. The boots of my costume were old ski boots that we just painted orange. The sword didn't originally come with a sheath, so we had to make one out of balsa wood, then we covered it in soft leather.

Debuting this costume at Ani-Magic 2005, I wanted to do a DragonBall Z Gathering. We didn't get a very big turnout, mostly we only got me, my friend as Vegeta, a Yajirobe and a Saiya-Man. It was fun just the four of us together and we did get lots of pictures and odd spoofs to go with it.

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