Friday, June 27, 2008

Blue Tunic Link

Status: Completed
Debuted: Ani-Magic 2005
Time: 3 weeks

Link from Legend of Zelda is my favorite game character, so it's obvious that I would very soon create a Link costume of my own. This costume was mostly inspired by that Zora mask that I got from a friend. One of my friends made me a Goron and a Zora mask out of paper mache' and that is what spawned making my Blue Tunic. I had a Green Tunic Link the year before this at Ani-Magic 2004 and I had dove into the water with it on and we took pictures in the water with my costume. I thought it might be cool if I made a Blue Tunic and went into the water then with the Zora mask, but I never did; we weren't allowed in the pool in our costumes this year. ^^;

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