Thursday, June 26, 2008

Black Cat Girl

Status: Completed
Debuted: Ani-Magic 2005
Time: 30 minutes

Black Neko, my first cat costume, was just a basic one. I didn't actually make a single thing on this costume, everything having been bought already. The shirt and shorts I had already had, the jacket was a Christmas present back in 2004, the shoes I got from a second-hand store in 2004, and the ears came from ConDor 2005.

This costume is pretty cool, and I really like wearing it so much. It doesn't get that much attention, but it's still a relatively fun costume to be in. I don't usually wear this one all that much any more since I have the Blue Neko Girl instead. I love the blue one much more then the black one, so, maybe that's why I don't wear it all that much.

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