General Cosplay

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Status: In-Progress
Deadline: San Diego Comic-Con 2010
Time: A Couple Days

Scout (in this case, BLU) is from a game called Team Fortress 2. He comes in two colors for two different teams: RED (Reliable Excavation & Demolition) and BLU (Builders League United). He's a Yank and a baseball enthusiast from Boston.

I have chosen to create BLU Scout because, for whatever reason, I dislike him in his red colors.

Most of these pieces were found in the secondhand store, and a couple (the bat and baseball) were purchased at a sporting goods store near me.

Debuting this costume at AnimeConji wasn't my original intent, though it ended up working out because there was a VALVe gathering there. The costume itself wasn't completely finished (as I was missing the backpack and the headpiece) but it was fun all the same.

We also had a lot of fun at Anaheim Comic-Con the weekend after. There was no actual Team Fortress 2 gathering, but we ran into a pretty big group anyway. These ones didn't really seem so terribly friendly, unfortunately, and I personally had more fun with the TF2 group from AnimeConji.


Status: In-Progress
Deadline: Disneyland on Valentine's Day 2010
Time: A Couple Days

Spy. Oh boy. Spy is from the game Team Fortress 2, and he comes in the natural colors RED (Reliable Excavation & Demolition) and BLU (Builders League United). I have chosen to use a black and white pinstriped suit for my costume, so I can, conveniently enough, do either color if I so choose.

Well, just about one of the easiest costumes I have ever done. Simple pinstriped suit was needed, as well as a tie (red or blue), black dress shoes, a ski mask (either red or blue), a butterfly knife, and a cigarette case. Mostly all of this ensemble has been bought at a Thrift store near my home. All under $50 together, the longest item it took me to find was the cigarette case/Spytron 2000. I ran around several different smoke shops before I found one that was finally satisfactory to my needs ... and I don't even smoke, lol.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dark Chii (Freya)

Status: Retired
Debuted: Ani-Magic 2004
Time: 3 weeks

Chii (or, in my case, Freya) is from the comic named "Chobits". Mostly, I created this costume because, quite simply, I was bored. I created it, also, because I was jealous of all of those other Lolita outfits I've seen and I wanted to try and create one myself. I (in my opinion) failed at the whole "lolita" concept, but I tried. The wig was the only thing I didn't spend any money on. It had gone to the Inu Yasha Costume, which was borrowed from my friend for the day.

At Ani-Magic of 2004 I also participated in a Chobits gathering. Lots of people took our pictures, and I believe this was the very first time I had actually been subjected to, what I referred to at the time, snap-happy photographers. It was very odd for me, not being a very good cosplayer at the time, to be subjected to all of those cameras, but it was still fun. Sadly, I believe my ego inflated some since that time...

After I had gotten home, I unknowingly dropped my Chii ears on the floor of my room and since then, my rabbit has eaten them. I had to make new ones to wear the costume the year after that, but, once again, my bunny ate my ears. Now, all I have left of the headband is the headband and *some* of the flowers.

Green Tunic Link

Status: Retired
Debuted: Comic-Con 2003
Time: 2 weeks

Link from Legend of Zelda is my favorite game character, so it's obvious that I would very soon create a Link costume of my own. This costume came across as a basic idea at first, just something that I wanted to create for the hell of it. I believe this costume was debuted in 2003, but it could have very well been debuted Halloween of 2002. Link is a wonderful character, and he's quite sexy, if I do say so myself.

Wearing it to Ani-Magic 2004, we had a blast with a small gathering there of Zelda cosplayers, as well as having a bit of fun in their pool. I had actually managed to get a few other people to go into the pool with me, so we had a "photoshoot", if you would, in their pool. It was a load of fun, and also gave my friend and I ideas, which gave way into my Blue Tunic Link the following year.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Panda Express Waitress

Status: Completed
Debuted: Comic-Con 2008
Time: 3 weeks

Panda Express was kind of a "spur of the moment" costume. Since I work at Panda, getting the materials was easy enough. I wanted something sexy and cute to be part of the franchise, so I couldn't resist doing something like this. The shirt and apron came from my work. The shirt has been modified to be cut just below my breats (yes, I like showing off my midsection) and I have bikini bottoms on my butt. Painting on the word "Panda" only took about two days to do (since I had to let the red paint dry before painting the white).

More updates, stories and pictures will soon follow, but only AFTER Comic-Con has passed by.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Kagome Higurashi

Status: Completed
Debuted: Valentine's Gathering 2003
Time: 2 weeks

Kagome was, back then, a character I greatly desired to be. Making this costume was quite a lot of fun to do, and it was surprisingly simple. Making the skirt was easy, although I had never done pleats before. The sailr top to the shirt was actually made in about five minutes; there was no sewing or anything done on it, it was just cut out and then hot glued to the shirt. It looked really good for a five-minute hack-job, but it didn't last but more then a year before I had to re-design it. The shoes were kind of a hard find but we managed. They weren't quite what I wanted, but I was running out of time to look, so we just went with ones that weren't quite what Kagome wore.

We met another Kagome and even a Koga at that Gathering and we had a lot of fun with those people, making stupid poses and even Koga and Inu-Yasgha going off to piss on a tree. The Kagome that we ran into is pictured to the right of me above. She made a better Kagome then I did (I look horrid with black hair), but my costume was better than hers.


Status: Completed
Debuted: Gathering 2003
Time: 1 Month

A Cosplay originally designed for a friend, Inu-Yasha was quite fun to make up. The costume itself was made out of a strange silk-like material, which was a VERY poor choce on my part, since almost every picture I took of this costume, the flash just bounced off of it and threw it back at me. The wig, which, like always, goes down to the small of her back, cost about $60, and was WAY more expensive then the rest of the costume, but since she was paying for all the materials, she could, essentially, buy what she wanted.

She had super-glued plastic nails to her fingers, which we then sharpened to a point. Her ears are made out of a furry material and came out looking quite fantastic. The entire costume looked really good and went along with my Kagome cosplay that I had made.

When I bought this costume back from her (for about 80% less than what we paid to make it) it had become too small for me. Ths costume is still in very good condition and it all still functions and works properly, but, sadly, I'm too small for it. When I bought it from her, all I got was the top and pants. She didn't know where the ears had run off to, and she needed the wig for other costumes, so she kept that.